Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mundane everyday life....

Have decided that maybe I should blog more regularly, and not just to enter challenges. So I need to share what I've been up to on a more regular basis. I don't care if anyone reads it, but sometimes we all need to get things off our chests! 

Currently writing this post sitting in a doctors waiting room as Tom's chest is acting up again. Why is it always at weekends or bank holidays?? 

Still I'm thankful for the fact we live in the UK, so all our visits are free at the point if care. I read so many stories about other countries where this is not the case.

I know I am perhaps a little biased as they are my employers but the NHS is a much maligned institution, that does it's best with what it has. In my experience on both sides of the fence the staff work hard and get little thanks for what they do. In the eyes of the media, it's never quite good enough...

Ok rant over!!! 

P.s. Have now been seen and he has a course of Prednisilone which should sort him out. 

P.p.s. This post failed to upload yesterday so am posting it now. Will be back later once I've finished work to update on the latest saga!!