Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

I am one of those people who really struggles with New Year. I love Christmas and always find New Year a bit of an anti-climax.  Also around this time I start to struggle with the lack or normality, the house is still a mess as the all the presents still need to find homes, and I begin to get very irritable.

I quite like a bit of solitude and quite often retreat to my craft room, but as my 2 Goddaughters are currently sleeping in there that is not an option! This is doubly annoying as Santa brought me some lovely crafty goodies that I currently have to find homes for!

I do however make resolutions, not to things up, but to try and do something positive.

This year I plan to...
  • Finally finish organising my craft room... (a project that is nearly finished, but currently on hold due to the girls sleeping in it!)
  • Post at least once a week to this blog, with examples of what I am up to.
  • Complete my colouring lessons at Kit and Clowder, starting with Skin and Hair.
  • Finally get some semblance of order and routine to my housework. (a la Flylady)

Wish me luck..... I have a feeling I might need it!!

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